Planning for Professionals and Business Owners
Planning for Professionals and Business Owners

For Professionals

Comprehensive Insurance Analysis

Having the right insurance programs in place should be a source of immense comfort. We review the type, product, amount and ownership of your coverage. Then, we develop custom-tailored insurance solutions that help provide the complete protection and security you need now and for the future. Finally, we serve as a facilitator, working closely with your other professional advisors to put your program in place.

Wealth Accumulation

As your wealth increases, you need advisors who understand the nuances of constantly changing tax legislation. We present the risk and reward opportunities and guide you through steps needed to accumulate, preserve, and transfer wealth in the most tax-advantaged manner.

Estate Planning

Effective estate planning is a complex, ongoing process. We begin by presenting your current estate tax liability and the challenges you face. Next, we propose effective solutions and bring together (or work with your existing) team, including an attorney, accountant and trust officer, to implement the plan. Then, we follow up to help ensure a lifetime of security for you, your family, your business and your heirs.

Retirement Planning

Maintaining your current lifestyle after retirement should be one of the rewards of a successful professional career. We help you recognize where you stand in the planning process, identify available options, and help you create a strategy to meet your goals. We connect you with a highly skilled pension team that can handle everything from plan design, installation, administration, servicing and even investments. By planning now, we help you turn your dream of a comfortable retirement into a tangible account you can watch grow.

For Business Owners

Selective Employee Benefit Plans

The ability to recruit, retain and reward key employees is vital to the success of your business. We provide custom-tailored benefit programs available on a pick-and-choose basis for key employees who contribute most to your business.

Qualified & Non-Qualified Plans

We know that benefit plans simply are not "one size fits all."That’s why we help design, administer and service retirement plans that meet both the more complicated needs of highly compensated individuals and the less complicated needs of other employees.

Supplemental Disability & Life Coverage

Highly compensated individuals often find it difficult to obtain adequate levels of disability and life coverage. We design programs, paid for either by the company or by the employee, that supplement group coverage, with the added benefit of potential deep premium discounts and potential underwriting concessions.

Employee Benefit Programs

Business owners often feel overwhelmed by the array of alternatives available. We help by conducting extensive carrier analysis and presenting competitively priced options for high-quality benefits and ongoing professional service. We enable you to present a menu of benefits that provide value to your employees while managing the cost to your business.

Succession Planning

At some point, you may decide to retire or take a more peripheral role in the leadership or ownership of your business. When that happens, we can help your company through the orderly transfer of ongoing operations to the next generation or to individuals outside your family.