Estate Planning
Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Sophisticated estate planning that includes asset protection, gifting strategies and charitable planning are essential parts of all wealth management.

No matter how much wealth you accumulate, or how large your estate, taxation can consume a large portion of your wealth at the time of your demise, especially with constantly changing tax laws. Your Consultants’ work in a team approach with legal & tax advisors, who are experts in current tax and estate regulations to develop an estate plan to best meet your personal and business goals.

Many times, this process is as simple as having an attorney update your Will or the creation of an Irrevocable Insurance Trust. Other times, an estate plan involves more complex and sophisticated planning techniques such as:

  • Valuation discounts
  • Complex gifting strategies
  • Family Partnerships/LLC’s
  • GRATs
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts

Income and tax laws are constantly changing. We see it as our job to help keep you abreast of how these changes affect your own estate plan.